What is a logo exactly? Why is it so important? Logo refers to a collection of elements that identify a company. The logo comprises the business name in a distinctive typeface, often accompanied by a distinctive graphic element. Sometimes there is a tagline or positioning statement at the feet of the type. How these elements are placed with relation to one another is what we mean by a logo.

You Logo Printed in Customized Items

The graphic symbol that represents you is a visual trigger that leads to simple associations about your service or product. You need a logo that makes the right associations for you. An outdated or unprofessional logo may make the wrong associations. Pull out your business card and take a critical look at your current identity. Your logo will fall into one of three categories. Typographic symbols, abstract symbols, and descriptive.

A typographic symbol might be a distinctive setting of the name in type or it might be monogram using the initials of the company. In either case, it’s the type style that communicates the personality of the company.

Abstract symbols use a stylized, simplified rendering style to create a graphic icon representing a company. Abstract marks have the advantage of longevity, since they look contemporary even as design trends change. Sometimes the consideration necessary to find the meaning in an abstract mark makes it memorable.

A descriptive mark represents the company by suggesting the character of the company. It might depict its main product or suggest its mission through imagery. It’s important to avoid being too descriptive, though. Changing technology could put your logo back in the ship for an upgrade.

Checking Your Logo Before Printing

Here in 24HourWristBands, our website has a built in a functionality that you can design your own prints. We rather suggest sending your logo to us before printing. Our customer support will help you with the whole process.

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