There’s an importance of creating a tagline, a phrase describing your key benefits. If you’re using one, use it consistently, design it into your logo. Especially if your company is new or moving into new markets, you need the extra acceleration a tagline gives your logo. You’re just another face in the crowd if you don’t give your prospects a clue what’s unique or special about you. Does your name show the area of business you’re in? If your name is “Signs Plus,” maybe a tagline isn’t necessary. But if you’re doing business as “Van Mell and Associates,” then “Management Consulting” following your name is definitely a good idea. If there’s one key thing you want people to remember about your company, find a memorable way to phrase it and lock it into your logo.


A trademark is a word, name or symbol used to identify a product or company and distinguish it from the competition. For intrastate commerce, you usually apply to your state’s secretary of state. To register a name or device for interstate or foreign use. You will be asked to submit a written application, a drawing of the mark, an example of it in use and a filing fee. While waiting for approval, you may use the letters TM places near the trademark to show that this mark is your property. Once your application is approved, you may use the R. Lots of people never go through any of these application processes. Their use of their logo in trade alone gives them some basic rights.

When you’ve completed your logo, talk to you a lawyer and take the necessary steps to protect it. He or she can perform a search to assure its originality, then help you through the registration process to restrict its use to you.

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