As your customers interact with your business this coming Christmas season, you want to control the experience to your advantage. Whether you’re at a traded show or in your retail showroom, the space you’re in is filled with sights, sounds, and smells. These either encourage or disturb your prospects if your customized items are not organized and aligned with your brand. You must learn to orchestrate the whole environment.

If you’re in a retails business, you know how important this is. You may have worked with an architectural specialist in retail design when you planned your store. Maybe you adapted the location of cash registers, fitting rooms and conference areas to enhance behaviors you observe as a customer shop in your store. Also, your people who wear your branding should promote your brands. (See customized T-shirts here.)

If you’re in one of the many industries that do business through trade shows, you don’t have the luxury of learning from day-to-day experience. Say you go to five or six shows a year. You get two dozen days on the floor to accomplish a year’s worth of business. You’d better have a trade show booth that’s engineered to maximize that opportunity. You will find specialists in the exhibit industry who will help you analyze your needs and design a booth to suit. Display companies design and construct exhibits and also coordinate with shop personnel so that your booth arrives when and where it should.

Many display companies rent displays, sometimes customized to your needs. If your budget requires something more modest, you can purchase off-the-shelf displays. Give Example on the Website

Your exhibit experience is a stage play. Your booth is the set. You are the director and the scriptwriter, too. Think through the action you want to see. Your booth might need a display area for your merchandize and a conference area for deal making. Think through your “props list”. Will you be bringing your own furniture or renting from the show management? There’s a whole industry built around the convention/exhibit trade. You can go to seminars on how to make your investment in exhibiting pay off. You’ll learn how to greet prospects, manage leads, and make sales.
If you are considering exhibiting, talk to the sales agents for several shows and the reps for several types of display systems. You’ll get a good feel for the lay of the land in your industry. You may check us at our website. Talk to a real person anytime, 1-855-711-4467, Local number: 281-786-3764

How does this tie in to corporate identity? Your booth extends your business personality. It should be strongly identified with the company colors and logo you use. Your booth has to function as a billboard. It has to draw people in. Keep the theme and the graphics simple. Keep words short. Make them describe a benefit.

Big pictures draw people in details of processes or product photos or shots of the plant. As long as the quality of the color is gorgeous, these will enhance your display. A graphic designer or a specialist from the exhibit industry can product the display pieces for you. Ask to see samples of their work and look for a good match in materials and budget.

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