The last area of corporate identity is the signage that identifies your physical properties. You have a headquarters perhaps you have additional locations too. Look at your building signage. Is it consistent with your company’s positioning? Is it in good repair? You need good quality banners to install and items to be printed. (ex. apparels, wristbands, mugs)

Do you have a fleet of vehicles or customized items to be given away? How are they identified? If you think this is small potatoes, look at the statistics on outdoor advertising and customized items like mugs or apparel. Your marketing tools, such as we mentioned, could be and should be hard working billboards. Especially if delivery is part of your product offering, take your items or signage seriously.


The company whose vehicles to show provides archival storage of business files. pick-up and delivery are key benefits of its service. The company’s brochure was featured earlier in this blog. It has a used vehicle identification as a key tool to advertise the business. To know more about our brochure printing, check our page here.

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