How tightly do you want to control the process? How much are you planning to spend? To answer these questions, you will need to prepare a budget. These customized items and prints should appear on your worksheet for estimating the cost of creating a print ad.

Creative fees If you are working with an agency or hired freelance designers, you might be billed for services related to administering the project, art direction, working with photographers, illustrators, content writers, graphic design, and production. Be sure you and your account representative are clear about which services you have requested, so you know what you will be billed for. Look on our website,
Production Expenses. Included here are:

  1. Scans (process color separations or gray-scale scans, which convert the photo or illustration into an electronic file)
  2. Deliveries (around town or shipping to final destinations)
  3. Illustrations (the creation of original art or use or permission fees for using existing art)
  4. Models and stylists (personnel who assist in photo shoots)
  5. Photography (typically time and materials will be broken out on the photographer’s estimate)
  6. Pre-press services (creation of actual plate-ready films and their accompanying proofs)
  7. Miscellaneous expenses (if this area of the estimate is over a hundred, ask for a breakdown or estimation of what it might cover.)

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