1. 1. Start by writing a draft for your flags. Write an outline in a piece of paper using pencil and an eraser, then write heads, text, and subheads until you’ve covered all your points. Don’t write over 20 to 50 words. Be direct and simple. Communicate not to impress but to educate. Don’t omit the important details such as phone numbers, address, and the logo.
  2. Think about the design that solves a problem. If your offering calls to mind a dramatic image, you’re in luck. But most areas of business are abstract. How will you visually present your vision? Don’t be vague. Doing without photography is better than using muddy, obscure photos. Use words and related images to your flags.
  3. Edit your text. Picture your audience. Have you talked about benefits or wasted your words on features? Rewrite. Are you using the passive voice where you could use the active? Rewrite again. Read the copy out loud. Does it have a musical sound? How’s the rhythm? Rewrite again. You got the idea.
  4. Layout your flag in a clean, legible way. Some people use a white board with a water-based pen. Establish a uniform format for type and placement of graphics. Make several copies so you can look at the all the panels of your brochure together. They should look like members of the same family.

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