The fundamental way ads sell is by dramatizing the benefits. That’s why people respond. The drama makes the benefits real to them in away that creates desire. There are several ways to create that drama. One, using product demonstration, for instance or humor or unusual visual approaches, or personalities with whom your audience will identify. We’re about to talk about this.
How will you judge your ideas?

“How will you know when you’ve hit on an idea that can fuel a successful ad campaign? Advertising combines the strategy, substance, structure and style. We’ll talk about each and how you can make sure your ad idea measures up.”

The Do’s and Don’t For Your Customized Items as Your Marketing Strategy

The creative approach directs you as a business. Here are some tips that apply to all.

  1. Keep the message simple and the voice direct. Give your copy single-minded focus.
  2. Develop several alternatives and then determine the best approach.
  3. Be Specific. State facts plainly. Pin things down.
  4. Speak person to person. Copy should sound natural when read out loud.
  5. Emphasize the service, not the source. An ad should make readers want to buy before telling them where to buy.
  6. Do something unusual, uncommon, unexpected. Be bold. If it makes someone nervous, then your idea has power. That’s how you break through the clutter.
  7. Look for a tagline. Pare down your benefits statements to a simple dramatic phrase, like “same day service, same great price”. Then use it whenever the product or company is mentioned.


  1. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
  2. Don’t let pleasing a committee take the guts out of your idea.
  3. Don’t accept ideas are off strategy without a compelling rationale for changing the strategy.
  4. Don’t start your copy with “We”. Beware of arrogance!
  5. Don’t exaggerate claims. You’ll lose your credibility.
  6. Don’t be too hard-sell. beating on your audience with boastful rhetoric can’t hide a lack of real information.

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