Just one more piece of important tips and we’ll be ready to look for those ideas to create your advertising strategy.

On your “must-have” list are the elements that must be included in all customized items. The nuts and bolts that are so obvious that it’s easy to overlook them and it’s so embarrassing  (or expensive) when you do. A summary of the must-haves in your customized items:

  • How company and product names are used
  • How tagline is used
  • Contact information
  • Legalities
  • Printing requirements

Let’s review each of these.

Company Product Name – state how your company and product names and/or logos must be used in the items. Your give-aways must be consistent to be its most effective and consistency is at its most important when your brand is concerned.

Tagline – If you use a tagline or slogan with your items like wristbands or banners, state how it is to be used and precisely what the wording is to be. Repetition is the best tool you have to build yourself a position in a prospect’s mind. The tagline will make your brand easy to remember.

Contact Information – Be specific. Decide what locations and phone numbers need to be included, and exactly how each must be worded. Some companies prefer to include their website alone, and that’s fine. Some entrepreneurs want to funnel all their clients in one.

Legalities – If you have made customized items that need disclosures or disclaimers, make sure you have the legal necessities taken care of. Get the exact wording approved by your lawyers if you have contest rules in your ad (usually banners). If you are in a regulated industry, such as banking, airlines or telecommunications, you should be familiar with the disclosure regulations that apply to you.

Permissions are another legal issue. Have you considered questions of copyright? You cannot borrow excitement from public personalities or use certain images or songs without paying for permissions. It might surprise that copyright protects large companies. Even famous cartoons or popular animations from different companies are also covered by personality rights. You can use almost any image you desire, but take in to account that this will be expensive.

If you use an illustration or photograph in your items such as mugs, t-shirts, make sure you and the creator have an understanding about what rights you have purchased, and get it in writing. you might contract for unlimited use rights, one-time use in a specific medium, or any variation in between. The only purchase will probably be negotiated based on whether that artist could resell that image elsewhere. A specific photo of your product, for instance had very little intrinsic value to a photographer, and so he or she will probably grant you unlimited rights with the basic cost of the shot. But support you commission a painting of a rural landscape to illustrate a brochure describing your design.

If you’re on a tight budget, admit it and put your time into brainstorming great simple ideas.

Ad Requirements – From your customized items plan, describe the items you will contract for (see this example on our website: www.24hourwristbands.com/shop/custom-apparel/t-shirts/short-sleeve-t-shirts/basic-tees. We want to know the t-shirts’ color, size, quantity and your deadlines and other production specs from each order. This is the blank canvas for your creative approach to fill.

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