Timing as duration of the promotion is a decision you make when you establish your promotional aim. It answers the question. “When does the promotional program begin and end?” Timing as an element of the promotional program is a feature of your strategy. It described when the customer received the incentive. An immediate-timing incentive does not require any commitment to your product-handling out product samples is an example.

The customer who finds a free product sample on the doorstep has not even made any commitment to take it inside and try it. Delayed-timing incentives require a commitment by the prospect-some move toward affiliation with your product, which is rewarded. A repeat-purchase device like a coffee card is an example of a delayed-timing element.

A Summary for Customized Items as Your Promotional Vehicles

A promotional strategy is a story describing what promotional offer you want to communicate and to whom. It defines your promotion’s timing, whether immediate or delayed. It specifies the delivery method you’ll use to convey it. That about covers your promotional strategy, except the cost. That’s why, before you submit your designs for your customized items, make sure it represents your branding and distributed among the right people and potential clients.

Setting budget parameters is part of setting objectives. Defining the costs and payback associated with a particular strategy is another topic we will discuss on the next blog posts.

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