Product samples

Letting prospects experience your product will increase its value in their eyes of they find they like it. It’s a way to break down barriers of habit. The sample might be a service too. The vacuum cleaner salesman who offers you a free demonstration cleaning in your home gives you a sample of the vacuum cleaner’s performances. Then, you can give umbrella or keychains as part of your selling.

Customized Gifts

A gift increases the value of the product or service. Sometimes the gift is unrelated to the product being promoted. It might relate to seasonality instead.


An experience might be an immediate-timing incentive, such as a promotional event, or it might be a delayed -timing incentive where an experience replaces the gift as a reward for taking part in the promotion. Use your creativity in matching an experience incentive to your product or service offering, and you have the making of a break-through promotional program. If you sell sporting good, your experience incentive might be a weekend getaway at a ski lodge. If you sell cosmetics, you could offer a beauty makeover, combining an experience with a product sample incentive.

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