The promotional vehicles you choose, coupons, customized items, free samples, a contest, or whatever will suggest the delivery method to you.

Customized items with advertising media

Will you use keychains? Print or apparels for your to represent your brand? There are cameras within the event and having your items on the screen can make a difference. There are vloggers, youtubers or even crews within the area. That will depend on whether they are good items available. You judge that by looking at the attendees in an event and circulation (in print media, the number of subscribers plus newsstand copies circulated, and so the potential audience for the add). Look for a location where the demographics are a reasonable match to the marker you’re trying to attract. Then estimate the number of people in the audiences you’re reaching. This is done by circulating CPM or cost per thousands. Don’t neglect the power of customized items. Cameras are everywhere, especially in the events.

There are probably several in your community, magazines, filled with nothing but ads, most of them with coupons along with the give-aways. These are a good way to reach a community-wide market. They have mass distribution and are surprisingly well used. If you’re looking for a quality print at an affordable price, make sure you talk to the printing companies like us (www.24HourWristbands). We got your back.

On package or at a point of sale

You might use a coupon plus customized items on your package instead of in the advertising. Maybe a point-of-purchase display with a pad of coupon might serve you better. These are both ways of delivering a purchase incentive while the product is right there for purchasing.

In-person sales

If you are selling through an intermediate a whole sales using distribution, like your home-remodeling kit example, you can communicate your business-to-business offer directly to your distributors. Or, as another alternative, you can reward your representatives for making a promotion to the end consumer. Like acrylic frames for rewards.

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