The promotions you choose what the ad industry calls the promotional vehicle is the method you used to package the incentives. And customized items can be used as a medium for these types of promotions vehicles. This includes.

  1. Coupons
  2. Samples
  3. Games, Contest
  4. Events

Does the list seem to overlap with the list of types of incentives? There is some overlap, but these examples will show you how one concept flows into the other.

An artprenuer and designer might want to promote a certain brand of artworks. He might use a free give-aways, such as keychains made in perler beads as an incentive. But he might use any customized items such as wristbands as a coupon as a promotional vehicle, requiring a person to make a purchase to receive the reward. The coupon might read, “Good for 2019 Christmas Eve (brand name) 10% off in any purchase of art paintings.” Alternatively, the designer could stick with the free keychain give-aways for an inventive and also choose an item for the promotional vehicle by giving away keychains made in perler beads in the expos or events.

The Domingo’s grand opening gallery promotion shows an incentive blending product samples, gifts, and an experience. The attendees of the grand opening receive both samples of Domingo’s product and some logo imprinted merchandize. The promotional vehicle in this case was the grand opening event.
In summary, customized-items are not expenses. They are part of your promotions and marketing strategy.

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